School-based Support

“Step-by-step approach. Gwenllian’s patience (inexorable!) with me as ICT is not my favourite subject.”

T. Sasiadeh

“Useful – seeing how to put resources together and share with children.”

Anon., Teacher

“Hands on, clear instructions, step-by-step for people not confident with ICT.”

M. Mowles

“Plenty of chance to use the tools. The instructor was very clear.”

P. Noble, Teacher.

“I liked that it was interactive and this made it much easier to understand.”

K. Rogers, HLTA

“Useful: the logistics of programming and real life examples; hands on and having a go.”

N. Ludher, Teacher

“Went at our pace and used user-friendly, lay-mans terms.”

A. Thomas, SENCO (in charge of ICT Club)

“Very clear presentation, very hands on. Provided me with good ideas to take back to the classroom.”

S. Henderson, Teacher


Consortium Training

“Brought up to speed on current requirements.”

P. Randall, Headteacher

“Powerpoint and resources – excellent to feedback to staff.”

D. Harris, Teacher

“Ideas for teaching digital literacy not just e-safety.”

B. Dick, Teacher

“Useful – idea of content, contact and conduct as a tool. Need to fill school walls with e-safety reminders.”

A. Hull, Teacher


Computing Subject Leader Meetings

“Great knowledge and networking. Thank you.”

C. Helsdon, Computing Co-ordinator

“Lots of ideas about what digital literacy is. Resources discussion very useful.”

S. Williams, Computing Lead

“Thank you – very useful as always.”

L. Craw, Teacher

“Informative – pitched and delivered at the correct level. Enjoy regular updates and chance to revisit old topics.”

H. Takakuda, Teacher


E-Safety for Parents and Carers

“The whole session was very useful, lots of information. Such an interesting lady who did very well.”

“I was amazed how much I have learned by coming to the meeting.”

“Very knowledgeable lecturer and I was pleased to receive very in depth information regarding privacy violations and the extent of data storage. Feel more equipped to monitor grandchildren’s online activities and will copy handouts to parents of my grandchildren who attend different schools.”

“Useful websites to go to for help and NSPCC video. LEADING BY EXAMPLE is a core message I will take from this.”

“I found the taking of pictures and being aware of your surroundings in the pictures a good point to remember and also the point about YouTube and even if you block inappropriate content it is actually down to the person uploading it to decide if it is appropriate or not. Will be reporting some!”

“I found it useful to know about potential sources of risks which the majority of people are unaware of.”

“Thought-provoking and useful. More detailed than I might have imagined.”

“Understanding that ‘banter’ can become ‘bullying’ is useful. Also knowing what tools kids may be using.”

“Very well delivered – thank you.”

“Being helped to talk to children without frightening them about how to use tools and report incidents.”

“V. informative – esp. on websites, images and gaming.”

“Balanced presentation – talked about benefits as well as risks. Thank you.”

“Thank you for talking about how to help children with SEND.”


E-Safety Updates for School Staff

“Many thanks!”

D. Laughlin, Nurture Leader

“Very useful to have a bank of resources. Nice update/refresher”

C. White, Computing Co-ordinator and Y2 Teacher

“Always good to be kept up to date. Minecraft info was useful.”

J. Winter, Teacher

“A better understanding of the need for children to make ‘safe mistakes’ and helping them make sensible choices.”

N. Mason, Teacher

“Very knowledgeable training that highlights dangers and potential concerns.”

A. Stipple, Y6 Teacher

“Good up-to-date references/resources given. Links to refer to after training – slideshow/notes. Relevant issues mentioned. Relevant to e-safety in 2016!”

L. Sutton KS1 Teacher

“Highlights the importance of keeping children sage online and the need to monitor apps/programs.”

T. Kittles, Teacher

“It is very helpful to know where to look for advice on monitoring and controlling Internet access.”

S. Broaley, Teacher

“Good resources shared.”

H. Clark, Y3 Leader


CEOP Training

“Well thought out and managed course.

I’m intending to use many of the online tools with staff and ,with the permission of my head, relay information to parents.”

(D. Smith, Teacher.)

“Good presentation and knowledge shared, highlighted and given resources to use for teaching and to give to parents.

Feel as though I have points I can action.”